Sunday, 23 September 2012

Zara Accessory Love

With the end of the summer months comes a new season, a new school year and for many, a new wardrobe.  For me, the beginning of October signifies the beginning of my first year at university, and for the poverty-stricken masses (moi included): university + becoming an adult (i.e paying for everything) + buying student necessities = NO MONEY LEFT FOR CLOTHES (things that actually matter).  Although, to be honest, I would rather shop than eat...  Only joking.  I think.

Anyway, seeing as I can't buy any of the things that i do actually want, I thought I would share with you my virtual wishlist and right now, I'm totally feeling Zara.  Even as one of my favourite shops of all time, Zara have definitely exceeded my expectations for their Fall/Winter collection.  Here are some of my favourite accessories from their website - enjoy!

I love these booties - they're so high street Marant!


  1. Those red boots are calling my name, they would look fab with my fishing lures skirt!

  2. Oh Zara are genius. Good selects. Xxxx

  3. They are doing the best shoes right now... xx

  4. Those red boots are so bold and those sneakers are brilliant, I'm loving that studded tote too.