Tuesday, 11 September 2012

CAT MARNELL: "The Worst Beauty Editor in the World"

You know that thing with the "deep internet".  The thing where you find one website and that leads you to another and then another and before you know it, you've spent your whole evening and a bottle of wine, finding the weirdest websites and creepiest YouTube videos ever?  Here, watch Edarem's version of "Pretty Woman". 

See what I mean?!

One good thing that has come out of my late-night internet cruising is my discovery of Cat Marnellxojane's infamous prescription-drug addicted beauty editor. That was until she quit her job there because she couldn't face spending another summer meeting deadlines and decided instead to spend her nights "on the rooftop of Le Bain, looking for shooting stars and smoking angel dust". She has since relocated to Vice where she writes about her life and experiences in the column 'Amphetamine Logic'.  

Cat's name was a buzz word over the internet this summer and as much as she has divided opinions and caused huuuuge controversy over her extreme honesty over such a taboo subject and her so called drug-glamorising, I can't help but like her.  She writes about her life as an active addict, as opposed to the ever-present recovery stories that the public are conditioned to.  

Blogger Andrea Coates wrote that "Hundreds of thousands of young girls are reading this and using it as the basis for what they see as cool", and while I disagree, I do believe that she has hit a nerve with teenage girls - no young, successful woman has ever written this frankly about active drug use.  I personally love her column and look forward to every new piece that she writes.  This one about Li-Lo is one of my faves. 

Cat is not claiming to be a role model; she instead is offering an insight into the logic and lifestyle involved in a world that few are privy to, and I find her work compelling reading.

Sooo..... go to Vice right now and read her stufffff - tell me what you think. You'll thank me later.

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