Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Leather up.

Leather has never not been 'in'.  ACNE does it, Rick Owens does it, and you should be wearing it.  Srzly, its hot.  Whether your shoes are leather, your belt, or of course your jacket for that ever so hard to achieve 'ijustgotoufofbedandthrewthison' look, the value of that gorgeous shiny material has never been overstated.
You don't plan your outfit when leather is concerned, you just put it on and your look is immediately transformed.  However, the true value of leather can only be shown when it is in chic and stark contrast with something else.  Mix and match, leather skirts, leather shirts.  Let it be your second skin.
Check out these leather essentials.

And of course, no leather-ready wardrobe can be properly equipped without a touch of colour.
Go red a la VB.  I know that I am very much late on the uptake but these Marant trousers are to die for.

I say 'leather essentials' like i can actually afford these items.  To clarify, I cannot.  However there is no harm in looking... and occasionally touching.

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